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Good questions deserve good answers

People have good questions about God, the Bible, Jesus, Faith, etc. Big questions, packed with emotion and experience, can be expressed in but a few words:

Is there a God?

Can the Bible be trusted?

Hasn’t science disproved Christianity?

Those three questions average 4.33 words. Short. But the answers — good answers — are large and laden with information and insight. It is really hard to give a good answer to small questions that have HUGE (eternal) consequences.

This series of sermons and resources is designed to give good answers to good (short) questions. And to equip anyone with tools to find the answers we are all looking for.


Whether you believe all, some, or none of the Bible (or maybe you don't know what you believe), please feel welcome to join us in service or online. This series starts the weekend after Easter.


Seeking Truth with you,

Pastor Vern


Sermon 1: Gospels

April 11: Can we really trust the Bible?


 Can We Trust the Gospels?

Peter J. Williams

 Christianity for People Who Aren’t Christians James Emery White, Chapter Five

 The Bible Unwrapped. Making Sense of the Scripture Today

Meghan Larissa Good

 When Skeptics Ask  *Highly recommended* 

Norman Geisler, Chapter Seven